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Establishing Microalgae as a Global Green Solution.

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ALGAVALOR Work Packages

WP1 – Microalgae appreciation for human nutrition (food)

Transforming microalgae biomass into innovative food products, with focus on human nutrition.

WP2 – Appreciation of microalgae for animal nutrition (feed)​

Converting microalgae biomass into nutritional feed ingredients for the pig farming sector, with focus in animal nutrition.

WP3 – Appreciation of microalgae extracts and natural cosmetics

Transforming the microalgal biomass and extracts for natural and sustainable applications in the cosmetics sector.

WP4 – Technological revamping

Developing new technologies for higher energy efficiency and sustainability in the industrial-scale production of microalgae.

WP5 – Circular economy

Creation of a circular economy in which the residues of one industry are used as an input to another.

WP6 – Project management, dissemination, and appreciation

Management and implementation of the project, with dissemination of the results through events, fairs, conferences, and published articles.

The Science behind microalgae

Published Articles & Book Chapters

Effects of Chlorella vulgaris, Nannochloropsis oceanica and Tetraselmis sp. supplementation levels on in vitro rumen fermentation. Meehan, Denis & Cabrita, Ana & Silva, Joana & Fonseca, Antonio & Maia, Margarida (2021).

Guerra I, Pereira H, Costa M, Silva JT, Santos T, Varela J, Mateus M, Silva J. Operation Regimes: A Comparison Based on Nannochloropsis oceanica Biomass and Lipid Productivity. Energies. 2021; 14(6):1542.

A circular approach for landfill leachate treatment: chemical precipitation with biomass ash followed by bioremediation through microalgae. Viegas, C.; Nobre, C.; Mota, A.; Vilarinho, C.; Gouveia, L.; Gonçalves, M. (2021).
Livestock Wastewater Treatment in Constructed Wetlands for Agriculture Reuse. Dias, S.; Mucha, A.P.; Duarte Crespo, R.; Rodrigues, P.; Almeida, C.M.R. (2020).

Exploitation of Filamentous and Picoplanktonic Cyanobacteria for Cosmetic Applications: Potential to Improve Skin Structure and Preserve Dermal Matrix Components. Morone, J., Lopes, G., Preto, M., Vasconcelos, V., Martins, R. (2020).

Lab-Scale optimization of Aurantiochytrium sp. culture medium for improved growth and DHA production. Trovão, M., Pereira, H., Costa, M., Machado, A., Barros, A., Soares, M., Carvalho, B., Silva, J.T., Varela, J., Vicente, A.A., Silva, J. (2020).

Our partners work together to release R&D-based products into the market. The intelectual property resulting from this project is of extreme importance for further industrial and commercial applications

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World Water Day

Today we cellebrate world water day by sharing our most recent publication, from AlgaValor Project: “Removing chemical and biological pollutants from swine wastewater through constructed wetlands aiming reclaimed water reuse”

Appreciation of microalgae extracts and natural cosmetics

In WorkPackage 3, different microalgae were studied, aiming at the development of ingredients for natural cosmetics. This was attained either by including microalgae biomass as a whole, or as extracts.