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Empresa Figueirense de Pesca (EFP)

Empresa Figueirense de Pesca (EFP) group was originated in Figueira da Foz in 1912. It has three manufacturing units, in Portugal and Spain. It is dedicated to fish flour and oil, as well as the processing and refining of the latter, for feed and human supplementation. Additionally, EFP refines fish and vegetable oils for cosmetics, developing innovative ingredients and formulations. EFP invests heavily in its R&D department, which underlies the enormous expansion of its product range. In 2014, EFP became EU Food Grade certified and launched its own line of food supplements, with health benefits, under the trademark “EFPBiotek”.
EFP has been developing new products, strongly supported by a sustainability/upcycling strategy and the Green Economy, incorporating and adding value even to the by-products (formerly wastes) of its own production. EFP integrates the ALGAVALOR project in the formulation and characterization of cosmetic ingredients that explore the properties of Chlorella vulgaris for topical applications.