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What is WP1 all about?

Algavalor Work Package 1 aims to develop microalgae food ingredients, either by including whole biomass or through the use of microalgae extracts. Microalgae have a balanced nutritional profile, very appealing

Throwback to Algavalor

Algavalor Project aims to valorize microalgae for their many applications. This project showcases several ways in which these microorganisms contribute for our well-being and how they positively impact our daily

SP2: Animal nutrition webinar

Next friday 16th, at 2.00 pm GMT, don’t miss our new webinar about AlgaValor WP2 – Appreciation of Microalgae for animal nutrition (feed). Come join us! We will focus on

SP5: Circular Economy Webinar

Next Friday: , Nov 25, at 2 pm (GMT)! Take the chance to learn about our progress on Microalgae-driven Circular Economy: we will show our approach regarding bioremediation of effluents,

Algavalor at the Encontro Galego-Portugués de Química

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Algavalor at the 3rd CBEDS

On September 21st 2022, Francisco Pereira presented his work as a poster: “Effect of hydrodynamics conditions of photobioreactors in Chlorella vulgaris biomass”, at the 3rd Chemical & Biological Engineering Doctoral

World Buiatrics Congress is just around the corner!

Don’t miss out on the World Buiatrics Congress! Find out more on how microalgae can contribute to calves health, particularly as immune modulators! Be sure to follow Ana Rita Pedro’s

Algavalor at IranAlgae2022

Last May, Inês Guerra showcased Allmicroalgae’s “Industrial Production of Microalgae as Food of the Future”, at Iran Algae 2022. She shared her PhD progress on the “Production and formulation of