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World Water Day

Today we cellebrate world water day by sharing our most recent publication, from AlgaValor Project: “Removing chemical and biological pollutants from swine wastewater through constructed wetlands aiming reclaimed water reuse”

Appreciation of microalgae extracts and natural cosmetics

In WorkPackage 3, different microalgae were studied, aiming at the development of ingredients for natural cosmetics. This was attained either by including microalgae biomass as a whole, or as extracts.

Quality and sustainability through Microalgae

  To evaluate the benefits of adding microalgae to formulated diets, several studies were carried out: composition of feeds and the digestibility of microalgae by pigs were evaluated; ways to

Feed for pigs and improved meat

Pork is the most consumed type of meat in Europe. Algavalor WP2 is dedicated to: 1) develop feed solutions for pigs and 2) improve the meat of these animals, for

Algavalor WP2 recap

Algavalor Work Package 2 focuses on the study of new foods for the animal sector, through the valorization of microalgae biomass. For this purpose, pig farming was used as a

Food enriched with Microalgae

During Algavalor, soups enriched with microalgae were developed. Did you know that microalgae are the primary producers of omega-3 fatty acids (sought after in fish)? Microalgae are also rich in

Health Benefits of Microalgae extracts

This month we are focused on Algavalor SP1. Did you know that Chlorella vulgaris (smooth) and Chlorococcum amblystomatis extracts have anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity and anti-diabetes activities? The lipidome of various species

What is WP1 all about?

Algavalor Work Package 1 aims to develop microalgae food ingredients, either by including whole biomass or through the use of microalgae extracts. Microalgae have a balanced nutritional profile, very appealing