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Food enriched with Microalgae

During Algavalor, soups enriched with microalgae were developed. Did you know that microalgae are the primary producers of omega-3 fatty acids (sought after in fish)? Microalgae are also rich in protein, providing all the essential amino acids.

Their inclusion in tofu or rice ready-made meals could greatly enrich them. And that’s exactly what #ErnestoMorgado demonstrated. In addition, #IPLeiria developed pastry and bakery solutions, from eggless brioche to protein-rich bread with less saturated fat. They even made macarons with sugar paste colored by microalgae extracts.

#ErnestoMorgado used biomass from bio Chlorella vulgaris, White Chlorella vulgaris, smooth Chlorella vulgaris and Tetraselmis chui to develop textured protein prototypes.

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*image: Tofu with microalgae, developed by Ernesto Morgado

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