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Feed for pigs and improved meat

Pork is the most consumed type of meat in Europe.

Algavalor WP2 is dedicated to: 1) develop feed solutions for pigs and 2) improve the meat of these animals, for human consumption.

Did you know microalgae can boost animal health, beyond nutrition? Microalgae are functional ingredients, which promote the immune response and can reduce the need for antibiotics. In WP2, microalgae diets were tested in two critical stages of pig production cycle: during the weaning phase of piglets, when it is crucial to promote disease resistance and increase productivity; and during the finishing phase, in which we can supply polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant compounds from microalgae and thus enrich animal meat (in healthy fatty acids) and increase its shelf life (by preventing lipid peroxidation).

SP2 brings together five research-focused partners (#ICBAS, #Uaveiro, #ISA, #INIAV, and #UCP) and two companies (#Allmicroalgae and #Valorgado).

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