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What is WP1 all about?

Algavalor Work Package 1 aims to develop microalgae food ingredients, either by including whole biomass or through the use of microalgae extracts.

Microalgae have a balanced nutritional profile, very appealing to those seeking for a healthy diet and life-style. But let’s face it: we’re not familiar with these foods and many times we just don’t know how to eat microalgae! So why should we pay attention, what’s in it for us as consumers? There’s a long way to go to spread awareness about the benefits these organisms bring to our general health. Plus there is a need to develop appealing products, and overcome algae’s typical marine odor and taste.

Through Algavalor it was possible to select some of the most promising species, to optimize cultivation and compound extraction techniques, to evaluate safety and shelf-life of these extracts, to verify bioactivities and finally, to develop food prototypes enriched with whole biomass and with microalgae extracts. We tasted them and (also based on a panel of independent test-subjects) we approved!

#CIIMAR is the leader of WP1, with participation of  #Allmicroalgae, #UMinho, #UAveiro, #UCP, #FCUP, #ErnestoMorgado, and #IPLeiria.

*WP1 image: Bread developed by IPLeiria, with C. vulgaris.

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