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The University of Aveiro (UA) is a public foundation with a private law regime whose mission is to intervene and develop graduate and postgraduate training, research and cooperation with society, being a privileged partner for companies and other national and international entities, with which it cooperates in various projects and programs and to which it provides important services. It is a research space where innovative products and solutions are developed that contribute to the advancement of science and technology. UA contributes to the ALGAVALOR project through the development of new strategies for the extraction of bioactive compounds from microalgae biomass and cyanobacteria, using two technologies, both athermic and with high potential for scaling, high pressure and high intensity pulsed electric fields. It also contributes through the evaluation of the composition of the extracts, such as the lipid profile and evaluation of its stability, composition in polysaccharides and in the development of new textures of algae using high pressure.