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Publicações relacionadas com o ALGAVALOR

A propriedade intelectual resultante do projeto ALGAVALOR será usada como base para o desenvolvimento do produto. Os artigos, capítulos de livros e patentes serão listados aqui e atualizados regularmente.

A Ciência por detrás das microalgas

Artigos Publicados

Production of a food grade extract of Chlorococcum amblystomatis rich in omega-3 lipids using ethanol assisted with ultrasound and deep characterization by lipidomics.Tiago Conde, Daniela Couto, Tânia Melo, Ana SP Moreira, Paula Ferreira, Margarida Costa, Joana Silva, Bruno Neves, Pedro Domingues, Maria R Domingues. (2022)

Antifungal properties of aqueous microalgal extracts. Benjamin Schmid, Luísa Coelho, Peter SC. Schulze, Hugo Pereira, Tamára Santos, Inês B. Maia, Mário Reis, João Varela (2022)

Effects of outdoor and indoor cultivation on the polar lipid composition and antioxidant activity of Nannochloropsis oceanica and Nannochloropsis limnetica: A lipidomics perspective. Daniela Couto, Tiago A. Conde, Tânia Melo, Bruna Neves, Margarida Costa, Pedro Cunha, Inês Guerra, Nádia Correia, Joana T. Silva, Hugo Pereira, João Varela, Joana Silva, Rosário Domingues, Pedro Domingues. (2022)

Nannochloropsis oceanica harvested using electrocoagulation with alternative electrodes – an innovative approach on potential biomass applications. Figueiredo, D.; Ferreira, A.F.; Quelhas, P.; Schulze, P.; Gouveia L. (2022)

Performance of Electrocoagulation on harvesting Nannochloropsis oceanica and metal-enriched biomass application in agriculture. Figueiredo, D.; Gama, F.; Ferreira, A.; Gouveia L. (2022)

Valorisation of microalga Tetradesmus obliquus grown in brewery wastewater using subcritical water extraction towards zero waste. Ferreira, A.; Jazić, J.M.; Gouveia, L.; Maletić, S.; Tomić, M.; Agbaba, J.; Vladić, J. (2022)

Exploring different pre-treatment processes for allowing microalgae growth in undiluted piggery wastewater. Ferreira, A.; Figueiredo, D.; Cardeiras, R.; Nabais, R.; Ferreira, F-; Ribeiro, B.; Cláudia Cordovil, M.D.S.; Acién, G.; Gouveia, L. (2022)

Impact of high-pressure homogenization on the cell integrity of Tetradesmus obliquus and seed germination. Ferreira, A.; Figueiredo, D.; Ferreira, F.; Ribeiro, B.; Reis, A.; Lopes da Silva, T.; Gouveia L. (2022)

Effects of LED lighting on Nannochloropsis oceanica grown in outdoor raceway ponds. M.Carneiro, I.B.Maia, P.Cunha, I.Guerra, T.Magina, T.Santos, P.S.C.Schulze, H.Pereira, F.X.Malcata, J.Navalho, J.Silva, A.Otero, J.Varela. (2022)

Potential anti-obesity, anti-steatosis, and anti-inflammatory properties of extracts from microalgae Chlorella vulgaris and Chlorococcum amblystomatis under different growth conditions. Ana Regueiras,Álvaro Huguet, Tiago Conde, Daniela Couto, Pedro Domingues, Maria Rosário DominguesAna Margarida Costa, Joana Laranjeira da Silva, Vitor Vasconcelos, and Ralph Urbatzka. (2022)

Food grade extraction of Chlorella vulgaris polar lipids: A comparative lipidomic study, Couto D, Melo T, Moreira ASP, Ferreira P, Costa M, Silva J, Domingues R, Domingues P, (2021).

 Biostimulant and biopesticide potential of microalgae following piggery wastewater treatment. Ferreira, A.; Melkonyan, L.; Carapinha, S.; Ribeiro, B.; Figueiredo, D.; Avetisova, G. Gouveia, L. (2021).

Continuous pressurized extraction versus electric fields-assisted extraction of cyanobacterial pigments. Pagels F, Pereira RN, Amaro HM, Vasconcelos V, Guedes AC, Vicente AA. (2021).

Carotenoids from Cyanobacteria: Biotechnological Potential and Optimization Strategies. Pagels, F., Vasconcelos, V., & Guedes, A. C. (2021). 

Cyanobacteria and microalgae bioactive compounds in skin-ageing: potential to restore extracellular matrix filling and overcome hyperpigmentation. Favas, R., Morone, J., Martins, R., Vasconcelos, V., & Lopes, G. (2021). 

Bridging Cyanobacteria to Neurodegenerative Diseases: A New Potential Source of Bioactive Compounds against Alzheimer’s Disease. Castaneda A, Ferraz R, Vieira M, Cardoso I, Vasconcelos V, Martins R. (2021).

Green approach for the valorization of microalga Tetradesmus obliquus. Gouveia, L.; Molnar, J.J.; Ferreira, A.; Maletic, S.; Cvetkovic, D.; Vidovic, S.; Vladic, J. (2021).

Bioremediation of raw cattle manure using a pre-treatment and microalgae. Viegas, C.; Gouveia, L.; Gonçalves, M. (2021).

Aquaculture wastewater treatment through microalgal. Biomass potential applications on animal feed, agriculture, and energy. Viegas, C.; Gouveia, L.; Gonçalves, M. (2021).

Microalgal-based removal of contaminants of emerging concern. Sousa, H., Sousa, C., Simões, L. C., Simões M. (2021)

Microalgal Lipid Extracts Have Potential to Modulate the Inflammatory Response: A Critical Review. Conde, T.A.; Zabetakis, I.; Tsoupras, A.; Medina, I.; Costa, M.; Silva, J.; Neves, B.; Domingues, P.; Domingues, M.R. (2021).

Ethanol Extraction of Polar Lipids from Nannochloropsis oceanica for Food, Feed, and Biotechnology Applications Evaluated Using Lipidomic Approaches. Melo, T.; Figueiredo, A.R.P.; da Costa, E.; Couto, D.; Silva, J.; Domingues, M.R.; Domingues, P.  (2021). 

Microalgae as Sustainable Bio-Factories of Healthy Lipids: Evaluating Fatty Acid Content and Antioxidant Activity. Conde, T.A.; Neves, B.F.; Couto, D.; Melo, T.; Neves, B.; Costa, M.; Silva, J.; Domingues, P.; Domingues, M.R. (2021). 

Nannochloropsis Oceanica Harvested Using Electrocoagulation with Alternative Electrodes – An Innovative Approach on Potential Biomass Applications. Figueiredo, D., Ferreira, A., Quelhas, P., Schulze, P. S. C., Gouveia, L. (2021).

Polar lipidomic profile shows Chlorococcum amblystomatis as a promising source of value-added lipids. Conde, T.A., Couto, D., Melo, T. et al.(2021).

A circular approach for landfill leachate treatment: chemical precipitation with biomass ash followed by bioremediation through microalgae. Viegas, C.; Nobre, C.; Mota, A.; Vilarinho, C.; Gouveia, L.; Gonçalves, M. (2021).

Microalgae-based bioremediation of wastewaters-Influencing parameters and mathematical growth modelling. Sousa, C. A., Sousa, H., Vale, F., Simões, M., (2021).

Algal proteins: Production strategies and nutritional and functional properties. Geada, P., Moreira, C., Silva, M., Nunes, R., Madureira, L., Rocha, C.M.R., Pereira, R.N., Vicente, A.A., Teixeira, J.A. (2021)

Phaeodactylum tricornutum extracts as structuring agents for food applications: physicochemical and functional properties. Castro-Ferreira, C., Gomes-Dias, J.S., Ferreira-Santos, P., Pereira, R.N., Vicente, A.A., Rocha, C.M.R. (2021)

Effects of Chlorella vulgaris, Nannochloropsis oceanica and Tetraselmis sp. supplementation levels on in vitro rumen fermentation. Meehan, Denis & Cabrita, Ana & Silva, Joana & Fonseca, Antonio & Maia, Margarida (2021).

Operation Regimes: A Comparison Based on Nannochloropsis oceanica Biomass and Lipid Productivity. Guerra I, Pereira H, Costa M, Silva JT, Santos T, Varela J, Mateus M, Silva J (2021).

Emerging contaminants affect the microbiome of water systems — strategies for their mitigation. Gomes, I., Maillard, J. Y., Simões, L., Simões, M. (2020)

Chemoplasticity of the polar lipid profile of the microalgae Chlorella vulgaris grown under heterotrophic and autotrophic conditions. Daniela Couto, Tânia Melo, Tiago A. Conde, Margarida Costa, Joana Silva, M. Rosário M. Domingues and Pedro Domingues (2020).

Livestock Wastewater Treatment in Constructed Wetlands for Agriculture Reuse. Dias, S.; Mucha, A.P.; Duarte Crespo, R.; Rodrigues, P.; Almeida, C.M.R. (2020).

Exploitation of Filamentous and Picoplanktonic Cyanobacteria for Cosmetic Applications: Potential to Improve Skin Structure and Preserve Dermal Matrix Components. Morone, J., Lopes, G., Preto, M., Vasconcelos, V., Martins, R. (2020).

Lab-Scale optimization of Aurantiochytrium sp. culture medium for improved growth and DHA production. Trovão, M., Pereira, H., Costa, M., Machado, A., Barros, A., Soares, M., Carvalho, B., Silva, J.T., Varela, J., Vicente, A.A., Silva, J. (2020).

Nannochloropsis oceanica cultivation in pilot-scale raceway ponds – from design to cultivation. Cunha, P., Pereira, H., Costa, M., Pereira, J., Silva, J.T., Fernandes, N., Varela, J., Silva, J. Simões, M. (2020).

Pyrolysis of Scenedesmus obliquus Biomass Following the Treatment of Different Wastewaters. Ferreira, A.F.; Ferreira, A.; Soares, A.P.; Gouveia, L. (2020).

Bioestimulant potential of Scenedesmus obliquus grown in brewery wastewater. Navarro-Lopez, E.; Ruíz-Nieto, A.; Acién, G.; Gouveia, L. (2020).

Production, Preparation and Characterization of Microalgae-Based Biopolymer as a Potential Bioactive Film. Coatings. Morales-Jimenez M, Gouveia L, Yáñez-Fernández J, Castro-Muñoz R, Barragán-Huerta BE (2020).

Phycobiliproteins from cyanobacteria: Chemistry and biotechnological applications. Pagels, F., Guedes A.C., Amaro H.M., Kijjoa, A, Vasconcelos. V., (2019).

Adhesion of filamentous fungi from drinking water under different process conditions. Fernandes S, Simões LC, Lima N, Simões M (2019). 

Quorum sensing inhibition by marine bacteria. Borges A, Simões M (2019).

Microalgal assimilation of vitamin B12 toward the production of a superfood. Pereira J, Simões M, Silva JL (2019).

Prolonged exposure of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia biofilms to trace levels of clofibric acid alters antimicrobial tolerance and virulence. Gomes IB, Querido MM, Teixeira JP, Simões LC, Simões M (2019).

Capítulos de Livros Publicados

Flow cytometry-assisted method for cell disruption of microalgae. Protocolos de Microalgas de la Red RENUWAL (I). Figueiredo, D.; Lopes da Silva, T.; Ferreira, A.; Reis, A.; Gouveia, L. (2022)

ISBN 978-84-15413-46-2

Cyanobacteria in cosmetic: a natural alternative for anti-aging ingredientes. In: The Pharmacological Potential of Cyanobacteria, Chapter 10, Elsevier Academic Press, Morone, J, Lopes, G, Oliveira, B, Vasconcelos, V, Martins, R. (2021). 

ISBN 0128214910 9780128214916

Microalgal Biorefineries in Handbook of Microalgae-Based Processes and Products. In Handbook of Microalgae-Based Processes and Products. Eduardo Jacob-Lopes (Ed). Ferreira A, Gouveia L (2020).

Future perspectives of microalgae in the food industry. In Handbook of Cultured microalgae for the food industry. Tomas Lafarga & Francisco Gabriel Acién-Fernández (Eds). Elsevier (Academic Press). Ferreira, A.; Costa, M.; Guerra, I.; Silva, J.; Gouveia, L. (2020). 

Hypovitaminosis B – Exploiting Lactic Acid Bacteria as Vitamin Factories towards a Prophylactic Approach. In Fermented Foods: Nutrition and Role in Health and Disease. Oliver Kovalyov (Ed); Food and Beverage Consumption and Health Series, Nova Science Publishers. Cláudia Maciel, Mónica Ribeiro, Pedro Cruz and Paula Teixeira (2020).

Combining Microalgae-Based Wastewater Treatment with Biofuel and Bio-Based Production in the Frame of a Biorefinery. In Grand Challenges in Algae Biotechnology. Hallman A., Rampelotto P.H. (Eds.). Springer. Ferreira A., Reis A., Vidovic S., Vladic J., Gkelis S, Melkonyan L., Avetisova G., Congestri R., Acién G., Muñoz R., Collet P., Gouveia L. (2019).