About the use of microalgae for dog food 🐶


📃 Joana Fernandes presented her work “Nutritive value and palability of microalgae species in dog feeding”, developed under the Algavalor Project, at the Annual Congress of the European Association of Animal Production.


👉 check out Congress details here: https://www.eaap2021.org/


Congrats Joana!! What an interesting work, don’t you agree? 🐩

Algavalor work was presented at ISEE2021!

Researcher Paula Teixeira presented her work at the 33rd Annual Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (https://www.isee2021.org). “Development of Novel Microalgae and Lactic Acid Bacteria Formulations with Enhanced Vitamin B12 Content” aimed to develop a freeze-dried formulation using lactic acid bacteria and Chlorella vulgaris with an increased vitamin B12 content and to evaluate its long-term stability.