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Algavalor will be showcased at Algaeurope 2021

This year at AlgaEurope 2021, we will present our Algavalor progress! Conference, is organized by EABA – European Algae Biomass Association and DLG Benelux. This year it will be held online from 7 to 10 of December, and it will bring research and industry together to promote fruitful interactions between all algae players. Among many interesting speakers, you’ll find Algavalor’s members, for instance:

Daniel Figueiredo will be presenting his work on “Electrocoagulation to harvest and enrich Nannochloropsis oceanica biomass for agricultural applications”, during Scientific Session 3: Technology and Processing – Tuesday, 7 December (02:45 pm – 03:00 pm CET)

Alice Ferreira will present “Combination of photo-Fenton oxidation with Microalgae Cultivation for Improved Bioremediation of Piggery Wastewater”, during session 4: Bioremediation with Algae – Tuesday, 7 December (04:55 pm – 05:10 pm CET)

Nádia Correia will talk about “Bioprospection, growth optimization and industrial cultivation of novel microalgae strains obtained from local ponds”, at session 8: Algae monitoring: from nature to industry – Wednesday, 8 December (05:25 pm – 05:40 pm CET)


These and many more interesting talks await! Beyond Algavalor, this conference will be an opportunity to learn from the experts, get an update on algae concerns and applications and connect with old friends and colleagues from other algae projects!

Check out the program here 👉

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